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Ptown Marina: Great docks + poor service... no thank you.

We recently visited Provincetown Marina with a group of 11 boats and were reminded how much customer service can impact a facility.

First, the good: the facility is nice. The docks are clean, sturdy, and stable. Power and water are readily available along with reasonable shower facilities, all just a short walk from town. The egg sandwich at Cafe Maria (located at the top of the pier) is honestly one of the best I've ever had- just unreal. At some point a dock is a dock, though, and the staff shapes the experience for visitors. Overall we were unimpressed (despite that glorious egg sandwich).

My eyebrows were first raised when, 10 days before our arrival, I received a call confirming my pre-paid reservation (made via Dockwa) and asking for my credit card number. I wasn't given a clear answer why they needed my card- I'd prepaid after all - and eventually agreed that we'd talk about it when we arrived. In today's era of data breaches I wasn't comfortable giving my credit card number to a marina from which I wasn't buying anything, despite their assurances that the number would be "tokenized as soon as we press 'enter'". Equifax probably pressed 'enter' too prior to hackers accessing the information for millions of Americans. Paranoid? Maybe so, but without buying something it just didn't make any sense.

Once we arrived the peculiarities continued. 11 boats made reservations months ago and many of the owners informed the marina we were visiting together and would like to be next to each other. That didn't happen despite multiple requests. All day a spot behind one of the boats in the group sat open while our 31' sat several slips down. Dock staff insisted the space was reserved, which it was.... for a 31' boat visiting independently of our group. Absolutely no accommodation was made for the group throughout the visit.

Simple things are swung on and missed by a mile- the launch booth at the top of the gangway isn't staffed consistently, but that's the closest ice cooler. When asked, dock staff (sitting in a golf cart!!) instructed us to walk to the main office.

And ah yes, that pesky credit card number. I never ended up needing to provide it- the best reason I received as to why it was needed was "marina policy", which isn't a reason. Maybe there is a legitimate reason for it... if so, management should inform the staff what it is.

Suffice to say, we'll look elsewhere next time.

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